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Life has a way of taking us on unexpected journeys and I am on one of those right now. My journey began when I informed my friends and family of my illness. Their instant showering of words of support and encouragement helped me to stay strong. Hearing those caring comments consistently helped me to keep my focus while finding other ways to tap into my inner strengths. I thought of the many moments of enjoyment that I had when I have donned one of my hats, and the idea occurred to me to write about these feelings and experiences in hopes of helping others and myself on this journey of overcoming.


The community of my church, family, friends and neighbors are from all walks of life. I daily receive a supply of love and caring through various forms of communications such as texts, emails, postal mails and phone calls from my community.


Wearing a hat can also become an uplifting way for other individuals to communicate with you. I have made friendships with individuals when it was discovered that we had a common love of hats between us.


A hat can often result in "a give back" kind of relationship with people who enjoy seeing you wearing a hat. I recall that on various occasions while I was wearing a hat that a strange said to me "nice hat". Other individuals have offered a smile to show they liked or loved the hat that I was wearing. I have also seen the gleam in the eyes of someone who said eventually "awe I wish I had a cool hat like that".


Hats can make you feel awesome. Hats can help you to influence others to buy a hat when they would not normally consider such an option. I had that experience a couple years ago and was pleasantly surprised and so was the new hatter.


We at suaveshats hope to entice your senses to the many awesome types of hats available. We will also lead you to many wonderful options of hats that you will want to wear.


For those of you overcoming life challenge of hair loss, I strongly believe any challenge can be overcome. Let us help you to strengthen your spirit on your journey. We hope you will continue to check out website for insights and options to your awesome hats.


Our blogs on "points of interest" will offer you a chance to explore the unique and satisfying experience that come from owing that unique hat. We welcome your comments, because they will offer us insights into you.

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About Me

Hello, I am your blogger known to some as suave (pronounced "suavey"). What is in a name?  Here is the story. Many years ago I was dubbed the name “suavey” by a very good friend because of the way I carried myself (my attitude) the way I dress (my style of clothing) and the statement I made or feelings I evoked when I wore a hat (my inner serenity). So I was blessed with the name "suavey". Back then I thought that the evolution of my nickname was a great play on words; but in hindsight I think the ‘word-name’ truly defined me. The coining of the name “suavey” managed to embody my personality along with the first part of my awesome name. A name is so important to what we are and can become. However I did not know back than that many years later I would be diagnosed with breast cancer (that name) and have to go off on this journey of becoming and overcoming. But here I am ready or not.


Brenda is a survivor and has become one of my support-sister on this journey Me at my niece's wedding in California, July 9, 2011 after being diagnosed with cancer


Let me tell you a bit more about myself. I am nurse who have been caring for people for many years. In my travels through life I had the pleasure of visiting such cities and countries as San Francisco, Oakland and Daly City in California, Chicago in Illinois, Las Vegas in Nevada; Kingston and Montego Bay in Jamaica; Austin, San Antonio and El Paso in Texas and Venice, Florence and Rome in Italy. Throughout those travels I recalled noticing many individuals especially the ones wearing different and unique forms of hats. I also enjoyed observing other individuals who showed a certain style and personal pride while wearing their hats.


By now you have determined that I love hats but in the beginning when I loss my hair loss from the cancer treatments it was felt as an inconvenience because I noticed my hats would not fit my head as they used to prior to my hair loss. However I have gotten a better attitude since I started wearing wigs. I also received three new hats for my birthday recently from a friend who knew of my love of hats and who wanted to help me smile. It worked in more ways than one. Since the gift of the hats, I have reviewed the mixture of fantastic hats that I now have in my collection and it occurred to me that I could also use this change in body image as an opportunity to wear hats more often and use this hair loss challenge as a means to shop and buy more hats. The best discovery though, was the thought that there was a large group of individuals who were in a similar situation as I, and who through my writings and sharing of my thoughts and feelings could become inspired to be hatphoric (thrilled, energized and enlightened) as I, about the importance of feeding the inner spirit.


While caring for people as a nurse I observed individuals in various phases of their life’s journey and I have often noticed that people need approval to be their selves especially when a body image challenge occurs. The loss of ones hair for any reason can evoke that desire for approval to be your self while managing that challenge of hair loss. It occurred to me that wearing a hat to cover your head because of hair loss could be beneficial both functionally as well as emotionally. As a result of wearing a hat to cover my head when the weather changed due to rain or coldness and also because I loved the feeling I got from wearing it; I can say I have experienced both benefits. My mission was chartered and the idea to develop this website was born.


The means to that end came when I decided that blogging while sharing my perception into hats would be the best avenue to guide other individuals on their path to overcoming and becoming. On this site, the blogs called “Points of Interest” are about the hat and what it can do for you and yours. The section labeled “Around the Bend” will serve as a guide while offering various philosophies and wisdoms or fuels for your journey. It is our hope that the contexts of these bloggs will serve as enlightenment and thus rejuvenate you on your path to over come your personal challenge.